Ours teams consist of 10 to 12 players.  We have younger aged teams for ages 3 to 11 that is our Minor League.  Ages 12 and up that is part of our Major League teams. League rules are very easy to follow.  We play by T-ball rules.  Every player bats each inning, there are no outs, and the last player of each team hits a homerun!  We play only two to three innings a game.  These innings are the greatest baseball that you will ever see played.  The Miracle League tries to make each game like every game that you would ever go to.  We have an umpire, an announcer to call out the players’ names, to play music and to get the teams excited about playing.  We even have a concession stand.  We want to make these players know that they are just like everyone else and that they deserve to have a great experience playing their game.